Bill and Terrie in costume several years ago at the Kristkindl Markt in Hermann, MO.
The beginning.....copper art takes shape around repurposed glass.

Meet the Artist

Bill spent over 40 years in Naval aviation and electronics. Formerly a draftsman and sometime sketch artist, after retirement Bill was led to a functional craft that is not only different but serves a purpose and gives new life to reclaimed copper and glass.  Many years as a professional wireman provide the skills to bend, form, and manipulate various and multiple gauges of copper wire, from very thin to tubing size, around rescued glass containers of all shapes and sizes. His imagination provides the art. Terrie helps with production and handles the business-side of things.

There is no preconception as each piece takes on a life of its own in his hands. Each glass container is individually surrounded with a free-form frame of reclaimed copper wire in various gauges. Each individual signature copper “leaf” used on his pieces is also formed by hand. Joints are soldered, copper and/or glass accents are added, and functional art is created. Each piece is one-of-a-kind. He brags that he has never made two alike!

Tube-style feeders are also popular - both with humans and hummers. Small individual repurposed floral tubes help to insure that the nectar is fresh because of the small volume. Hummers dip into the tubes just like they dip into flowers! Our Hummingbird Onesie attaches to a window to bring the birds up close and personal, or try our Hummingbird Feeder Wand. Our Bully Pulpit can be placed near a feeder to provide a swinging seat for the bully of the bunch to guard his food source.

Jelly/fruit feeders are perfect for all the fruit-eating birds, especially the bright and musical orioles. Old sherbet cups, ashtrays, small bowls, glass juicers, and other suitable pieces hold the jelly while the copper art includes a spike to hold an orange or apple half. These are great for offering meal worms, too.

Our copper art hanging dishes are suitable for bird baths, seed feeders, or even indoor decor. They can also be filled appropriately for butterflies.

Helpful tips and instructions are provided with each piece.

All items we make have been bird-tested and approved! We use ONLY soft white rubbers stoppers on our hummingbird feeders. When wetted before insertion, these stoppers will NOT constantly drip as the black rubber stoppers do.

NOTE: Bill Merritt died on Mar 4, 2020. No more art will be created.
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