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Comments We Have Received

It's rare to find a seller this interested in making it right for the customer, but Bill and Terrie Merritt definitely went the extra mile and then some. The feeder I bought didn't match the display exactly (which they said it wouldn't, since they're all customized) but they wanted to make sure I was happy, so they offered to discount the price or customize it. I asked them to customize, and they sent a number of pics at different angles of the finished product for my inspection. It ended up being even better than the sample. They expedited shipping to reach me in time (at no extra cost), and assembly was a breeze. The product itself is solid in look and design and absolutely beautiful. My husband loves it. I couldn't recommend the sellers or their hand made sculptures more highly.
Mary in Ben Lomond, CA
January 2019

Thank you, thank you Bill and Terri!  UPS just delivered my new feeders!  It is gorgeous....your pictures didn't do it justice.  Plus so kind of you to include the nesting material and holder.  I can't wait for April so I can hang the feeder.  I will share photos of my hummers using it.  You are a very talented artist and I am so lucky to have a couple pieces you have crafted!
Theresa in St. Paul, MO
February 2018

We love the beauty of this little hummer feeder. It's not just a feeder but artwork for our Motor coach window. We received it quicker than we expected and are really enjoying it. We had questions for the artist and they were answered very fast and were very helpful. We will order from them again in the future.
Diane in Palm Springs, CA
January 2018

I was so excited when I received my beautiful feeder. Once again, I'm amazed at the quality and craftsmanship of these beauties. Thank you so much for sending this so quickly. I will enjoy these feeders for many years to come and will return for more! These would make wonderful gifts for anyone!
Lyndi in Oklahoma City, OK
July 2016

I am a repeat customer and these are my favorite hummingbird feeders. . . and I have plenty! They're the easiest (actually fun) to clean and it's a joy watching the birds. Definitely recommend! Thanks very much!
Kathy in Union Bridge, MD
June 2016

Wonderful!! The hummers love it!!
Cyndi in Phoenix, AZ
September 2015

I just received two ONEsie hummingbird feeders.  We have some juvenile hummers and they came to the feeders quite quickly. I get lots of joy watching the Anna's feeding.   I am very satisfied with the product!
Debra Lingl
WA state
June 2014

We bought a feeder from you two at a show in Omaha a few years ago and I got some replacement tubes from you I think maybe year before last. We have it down here in Arizona now. The hummers love it, though they don't share well. A little story on the feeder, its popular with the birds and also with guests who remark on its' individuality. A few years ago during our first winter down here we attracted a little female Anna's Hummingbird whom we called Anna (aren't we creative) No other bird has been attached to this feeder like her so I still call it Anna's feeder. She sat on top of a bush maybe 4 feet away from it for the entire winter...I mean everyday, most of the day!! She was so stingy with it, others learned to feed when she was driving some interloper away. Sometimes if the tubes needed refilling she would come to us as we came out of the house and hover about six inches from our faces. Kinda frightening at first but we got used to it and it seemed she wanted fresh food because if I refilled the tubes she would drink while I'll was doing it. We spent the summer in Nebraska that year, returned in the fall, hung the feeder and she was back within a few hours!
Jeff Polles, Omaha, NE, & Peoria, AZ

Hello.  Just wanted you to know that my little hummingbird, Humming Boy, is very happy with the feeder that I purchased from you.  I saw you two at the art show at Queeny Park in May.  I love the ease of using the feeder by just popping in my 2 tubes when I take out the old ones.  Soooo easy to keep a fresh supply of sugar water for Humming Boy.  And so nice to have it mounted on the window where the squirrels cannot get to it.  Thanks for all of the love and care that you put into my lovely feeder.
Linda R., St. Louis, MO

"I  bought a hummingbird feeder and an  oriole feeder from you in Kansas back in April, 2010. We now have 2 pairs of orioles staying and visiting us thanks to your gorgeous feeders and all your helpful info!!!! This was the first year they stayed because of your help. I only used to see them swooshing through the backyard! Thanks!!!!!!!! The hummers are also enjoying their new beautiful feeder. As we do too even when they are not sipping. So great to have met you and encountered your beautiful art!!!!"

Carol Blaney
Leavenworth, KS

"After placing our very first of many of your hummingbird feeders out we were quite surprised. The store-bought ones...you know the red plastics ones...never needed to be filled! We began to watch the hummingbirds and soon realized that they were not even attracted to them. Week by week your feeders were surrounded by beautiful hummingbirds. Needless to say, the ugly red plastic ones got thrown out! Thanks so much for a beautiful hummingbird feeder."
Scott and Bobbi Wilson
Columbia, MO

Bill and Terrie,
We just had to let you know how much enjoyment we have gotten from our hummingbird feeder purchased at the Leawood Town Center Art Fair.  We decided to mount it just outside the kitchen/hearthroom window so we could keep an eye out for them.  The first photo attached shows how I mounted it and the second shows our success.  I have a camera mounted on a tripod next to my easy chair so all I have to do is push the button.
Best regards,
Cam and Shirley Schutte

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Help-a-Hummer in use the very day it was put out! Lake Havasu, AZ
Feeder we put out 10 minutes earlier just so we could get a picture!