Ozarklake Copper Garden Art


When I find an interesting glass bowl or dish, I add my copper art to make a multi-purpose hanging garden item. I also make these totally of copper, with a hammered copper bowl.

Some butterflies, such as the red admiral, painted lady, tiger swallowtail and mourning cloak, will readily feed from butterfly nectar feeders. Our dishes can be used as a nectar feeder or as the much-needed mud hole butterflies use to obtain salt and nutrients. To use the dish as a feeder, add small pebbles, colored stones, or cotton balls and then pour nectar into the dish.

Butterflies also need mud puddles for salts and minerals. My hanging dishes and copper baskets can be used as a hanging mud bath for these beautiful creatures. Keep the mud moist and decorate with colored stones or pebbles so the butterflies can land and bask in the sun.

Many of our dishes can be used as a water source for drinking and bathing for birds and butterflies. Put colored stones or pebbles in the bottom for better footing. Change the water frequently, especially in hot weather.

You can also put birdseed in our hanging dishes if you plan to hang them under cover so rain won’t mold the seed.


Remember when your mother hung her potted plants from the ceiling with macrame? I've updated that idea with a sturdy, everlasting copper hanger. My Copper Hangers can be used indoors or outdoors to hold hanging plants or feeders. Each one is a one-of-a-kind piece of art.


Every feeder has a bully! My copper and wood Bully Pulpit provides that bully with a place to sit and watch over the feeders. When placed where you can see it as well, it's a win/win situation! Each one has a brightly colored bead to get the hummers' attention. We use 3-4 of them each summer, and they are always occupied. They even have "fights" over who gets to sit on them.

If you have a specific request, please contact me and I'll do my best to create it for you!
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